The secret to greater success in your business

Every business is established to succeed even though, some fall on the wayside. Sometimes, businesses fail because they do things wrongly, copy blindly, and execute without a plan or purpose. The secret to greater success in your business is not rocket science. A strong brand identity is your secret ingredient. Every brand that wants to [...]

Common mistakes made during the branding process

Branding process Branding is not a one-off undertaking. It is a process that goes on for as long as your business lasts. It involves various complex processes. It is imperative to understand the common branding mistakes and how to avoid them so that your branding process will be consistent and successful. Lots of business owners […]

How to keep a consistent brand online

Many people buy products and services online because of the trust they have in the brand. The more credible and consistent your brand is online, the easier it is to build and maintain brand loyalty online and offline. Building a brand online these days is essential to your business as water is to fish, especially […]

What do your colors say about your brand identity?

Color is any property of light perceived with the eye. So, colors are the characteristic of visual perception described in categories with names such as white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Beyond perception, colors are used to create a strong visual identity for brands. Brand color is an essential part of its […]




Are you an owner manager or entrepreneur seeking growth?  There is a way of BDYD and Co that is right for you.  BDYD and Co can enable your business to access global demand.


International business is no longer the realm of multinational corporations only. Any brand can go global with the right global network strategy.

BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy
BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy

Global networks drive economic growth

There is a massive opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationships with networks of businesses and persons who are globally dispersed.  In today’s multipolar geopolitical world, global networks are the key to economic growth. This is evidenced by the largest digital platform corporations and digitization of global multinational corporations.


Owner managers and entrepreneurs can and should access global demand. Global networks of value are continuously emerging, Ideas are global and do not need to be contained in a local market.  When a brand is exposed to a global market option the potential value created is substantial.  Potential for growth and global demand can increase the cash flow of owner managers and SMEs significantly.

Value Proposition

Versed in the art of good business

Ideas + brands + platforms =cashflows from global markets.

BDYD and Co is a consultancy for owner managers and entrepreneurs.  We are uniquely focused on the combination of global brands and intellectual property as platforms to enable boutique and owner managed and entrepreneurial brands access to global distribution to meet global demand.


The Principal is immersed in the new era of global demand and growth for ideas. An owner manager and entrepreneur can go global because ideas, reflected in brands are not limited by national boundaries any longer.


Business is going global. Brands formed from ideas, any ideas, need to be global so they can tap the global demand.  Having seen the global network up close the Principal has based his firm in the growing global nexus of Miami to drive growth for owner managers and entrepreneurs across the Caribbean, North and South America.

BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy

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