About us

Our Mission

To enable our customers to earn profits from global sales and marketing. We take the time to know your business. We are aware of the potential of your business; we believe we can help you generate and deliver effective marketing solutions.


We are results-oriented. We understand that results matter. We strive always to deliver effective solutions for your business. If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense.

BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy
BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy


The Principal

The Principal is immersed in the new era of global demand and growth for ideas. An owner manager and entrepreneur can go global because ideas, reflected in brands are not limited by national boundaries any longer.


Business is going global. Brands formed from ideas, any ideas; need to be global so they can tap the global demand.  Having seen the global network up close the Principal has based his firm in the growing global nexus of Miami to drive growth for owner managers and entrepreneurs across the Caribbean, North and South America.


The Boutique Approach

BDYD will never take on more clients that we can truly deliver Strategy for.  Fill out an evaluation now to see if and when we can work together.  BDYD’s commitment to its clients is one of engagement. We will be engaged until we have delivered. We will never scale our business beyond our ability to deliver. The Boutique strategy. The Boutique way.



General Manager

Multinational Experience.

In-House Counsel

International Tax Lawyer.


Global, digital and creative team.