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How to keep a consistent brand online

How to keep a consistent brand online

BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy
Many people buy products and services online because of the trust they have in the brand. The more credible and consistent your brand is online, the easier it is to build and maintain brand loyalty online and offline.

Building a brand online these days is essential to your business as water is to fish, especially with the increasing number of internet users. It does not matter whether your business is online or brick and mortar, you cannot joke with online brand marketing. It opens up a world of opportunities and benefits for your brand.

However, creating a clear, strong online presence is difficult, considering the number of businesses and information you will compete with. It is even more difficult to build a brand online that will garner a pride of place among your competition. Fortunately, that is why BDYD and Co exists – to solve all your branding needs professionally.

You should understand that building a brand online is not enough to put you at the top in your niche. Your branding should be consistent, unique as well as clear. These will help your customers to recognize your brand easily anywhere. However, you have to know how to keep a consistent brand online or hire experts like BDYD and Co who have the expertise and experience.

But why does my brand need online branding?

Since a lot of your target audience is already online, you need to take the message of your brand to them on the platforms they frequent. This branding message must always be consistent, whether on your website, email, or social media.

That consistency will trigger a deeper affiliation to your brand and earn you higher customer loyalty.

Online branding will ensure that your target audience will always be able to recognize you irrespective of the type of message you are sharing or the platform you are using.

Besides, you don’t want to confuse your customers and prospective customers by being inconsistent in your online branding. If your brand color is red on Pinterest and yellow on Facebook, you may confuse your prospective customers. And we live in an impatient world. Most people will not wait to confirm whether it is your brand or another. They will just move on.

Online branding is an effective way to establish your brand as a reliable authority in your industry.

The staggering number of internet users these days will make you realize the relevance of building a brand online in boosting awareness and exposure for your brand.

You understand that online branding goes deeper than colors and logos, right?

Yes, branding is an integral part of marketing and online brand marketing takes it even a notch higher. That is why online branding and keeping a consistent brand online is vital for your business growth.

Colors, fonts, and logos as the visual aspect of branding are vital to a successful online brand building strategy. However, online branding goes way beyond that.

What emotions does your brand elicit in people? Those things that they think and feel when they come across your brand are what make up online branding. So you see, it can be your advertisement on Instagram, it may be a video content on TikTok or a blog post on your website.

With your online branding strategy, you should be able to decide the type of emotions you want your online branding to elicit from your audience. You also need to have some level of control over these emotions and use them to your advantage.

All these factors make it imperative that you keep a consistent brand online. Your audience does not want to be left confused every time they look for your brand or come across your content.

Consistency when building a brand online will ensure that your target audience will easily recognize and associate with your brand and take the required action.

BDYD and Co. Brand Strategy Consultancy

How then can you keep a consistent brand online?

Many factors come into play when you are looking for consistency in online branding. And you need to get it right to be able to achieve a successful branding campaign. Here are some of the vital factors that will help you keep a consistent brand online –

  • First, you need to know who your target audience is

They hold the key to the type of online branding you will focus on. Your brand must attract its ideal customers through its online branding strategy.

For instance, a beauty care line must use graphics and contents that appeal to women of a certain age. Automatically, this process will filter out men and children who do not need such cosmetics.

Don’t forget that the branding must elicit the required emotions from your audience. Therefore, the online branding strategy must address these emotions. Then you can be sure of attracting that desired audience because you are appealing to their emotions.

To be able to appeal to their emotions, you must know who your audience is and understand them. This includes knowing their location, the social media they use, their likes, and dislikes, among many other factors. You won’t know how to attract them if you don’t know them.

This is an essential step towards keeping a consistent brand online. BDYD and Co can help you dissect your audience and brand your business based on your ideal clients and their needs.

  • What is your online branding goal?

Every branding campaign should have a specific goal. Maybe you want to create brand awareness or boost sales. This goal(s) must reflect consistently across your brand online.

Consistently reflecting your branding goal will attract the right audience for you. It will also enhance customer loyalty because you will be giving them exactly what they want. Of course, you can only do this because you know them and their desires align with your branding goals.

Let’s assume that your online branding goal is brand awareness and you already have the target audience. But then, your online branding goal fluctuates between increasing sales and brand awareness, you may end up confusing your clients. Your goal will no longer align with your customers’ emotions and desires.

  • What is the nature of your business?

Your online branding should mirror the desires of your customers, as well as the desires of your business. The nature of your business, which is married to the needs of your audience, is the major factor here.

What is your business about? What experience do you want to leave on your audience? Are you offering them comfort, luxury, abundance, or freedom? When the nature of your business is consistent in eliciting these emotions in your target audience, you are building a consistent brand online. They will come to associate your brand with the feeling of comfort, luxury, or whatever emotions you want to elicit.

  • Maintain a regular brand voice.

Your brand should have a voice that it can easily be identified with as this gives personality to your brand. Your brand voice comprises the message, language, style, and tone. That voice should remain the same whether on your blog, social media, digital marketing, or emails. If you are using a friendly, engaging tone (which you should), be consistent with it across all borders. People will come to associate your brand with that sunshine nature.

Your brand voice should also sound believable always. The message I see on your Facebook page should be the same as what I will find on your website, else, doubt might creep in. Your customers should have a smooth experience identifying and trusting your brand voice anywhere they come across your brand.

Don’t forget that your brand voice should reflect your target audience persona.

  • The visuals – color, fonts, logo, pictures, and other graphic elements are vital to keeping a consistent brand online.

These visual elements are the attraction point for most people. They, therefore, provide an easy and fast means of creating a consistent online brand.

People will first recognize and remember your brand from the design elements. Hence, whenever they see them, they associate them with your brand. Although it is the totality of your brand that distinguishes you, people will more easily recognize you through your visuals.

Therefore, your color palette, fonts, logos, brand images, and pictures should be consistent and attractive.

  • Authenticity is a core value in online branding.

All the elements of your online branding campaign must blend to produce an authentic brand online. Once you deviate from sounding and appearing authentic, you will begin to fail in your branding goals.

Your brand authenticity should also be evident in your brand personality and audience persona. Everything must be consistent in order to produce the desired result.

All these will sound overwhelming to most people, including large-scale businesses. But BDYD and Co being a renowned branding expert, has the mandate to make your branding journey easy and successful.

When you are considering how to keep a consistent brand online, consult BDYD and Co. We have all the expertise and technology needed to keep a consistent brand online.