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The value of having a strong value proposition or slogan

The value of having a strong value proposition or slogan

The value of having a strong value proposition or slogan

“Never judge a book by its cover”. Does this sound familiar? This is a popular quote that averts people from having a quick conclusion regarding a person or commodity at first sight. One would say it’s a good phrase especially when one is quick at drawing assertions based on outward appearance.

However in the business world, it is usually “By their words, you shall know them”. There is power in words than you could imagine; of course if rightly used. There are possibilities you attract and make thousands of potential customers opt for your brand without hesitation when your choices of words are intriguing.

As a business owner, clients and potential customers see your brand from two angles; what you do and how you do it. With these two points said, getting a concise yet powerful verbal way to describe and distinguish your brand from other competitors helps and does the winning bids for you.

How then do you build your brand and make it distinct and noticeable from others in the market? There is only one proven way to get that done; Advertising slogan.

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What is an Advertising slogan?

An advertising slogan or tagline is a powerful phrase with four to five words describing to potential customers what they stand to derive as benefits when they transact, purchase, or request for your service or brand products. It also gives insights to customers about what economic importance they would get when they opt for your services or build a business relationship with your company.

Theoretically, the advertising slogan development goes in line with metaphors, rhymes, alliteration which includes the use of catchy, persuasive, or declarative statements with simple yet invigorating expression. It would help you pass your information to potential clients without vague interpretations.

When developing an advertising slogan, you don’t need to include the name or type of your products/services but it has to be written from the perspective of your clients- like bait that can catch your potential clients’ attention and make them go for your brand.

An advertising slogan also shows your strength in the marketplace and the dark spot your ambiance is capable of sparkling light when potential clients do business with you.  This goes a long way in establishing that synergy and enviable business relationship between you and your potential customers.

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Why do you need an Advertising slogan?

Ideally, customers love dealing with branded products as it gives them high self-esteem when rocking it; that’s the advantage big brands have over others in the race. Why do you think everyone wants to have a feel of Apple digital products when some products perform well better than Apple Incorporation products? That is to tell you Branding is the key. I wasn’t surprised when Apple Inc. became the first company to hit One trillion US dollars in worth.

The main purpose of creating an advertising slogan is to catch the attention of potential customers.  Talk of branding, and you see world-class companies popping up. The long words doesn’t tell them what you do, Slogan does.


Advertising slogan; a tool that differentiates

In today’s advertising industry, millions of advert placements are rolled out to a particular audience leaving the audience to decide which product to opt and go with. No matter how captivating your choice of words is, other brands can follow suit or make something better than your advertisement; however, the slogan of your brand can be the only distinguishing factor that makes clients differentiate your product from your competitors.

Once you see a lingering word somewhere saying Just Do It; no one tells you that NIKE does the work. That is to tell you that it is possible to inscribe your business brand in the heart of your client with a few amazing choices of words.

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Advertising slogan; the power to clarify

One of the things that differentiate your brand from others is the slogan embedded in it. It shows the world what you are capable of doing at a glance. Imagine a slogan says your one-stop shop for music downloads; people in the entertainment industry would always put their mind at rest since they can always get their favorites music without constraints. It’s no news that slogan enhances the marketing pursuit of your business. However, wrong or ambiguous usage of words can send a wrong signal to the customers and turn their back against such a brand. So, be careful in dealing with words.


Advertising Slogan; a way to win potential customers over

Advertising slogan has many benefits on the brand especially when it is effectively and professionally developed with a concise, unambiguous, and memorable commercial phrase. Advertising slogan helps you communicate to potential customers other unnoticeable exceptionalities they do not see or know about your brand.

Potential customers always want to know more about a brand when its choice of words soothes and answers the questions that have been lingering in their minds. This is not to say they don’t know or use their discretion when they come across unrealistic prepositions about a service or product. So, do not overdo it.

Practically, a well-written product or service description tends to foster contractual agreement but a picturesque tagline or advertising slogan captures mind fast, shows the uniqueness of your brand, and make potential customers crave to know more about your service.

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Advertising slogan; a way to ensure consistency

For some brands, consistency in customer management has always been a nightmare. When a company maps out their marketing plans; hundreds of campaign strategies and elements pop up. Whether you are going for prints or electronic advertisement, a powerful advertising slogan can bridge the gap between the different strategies, brand recognition, and consumers’ choice.

Besides the prints and electronic advertisements, you can unveil your advertising slogan on other promotional items such as branded vehicles, t-shirts and caps or hats, coffee mugs, and many more. That means you have your brand advertised free of charge to whoever comes across such items.

This gives you a hedge to capture potential customers’ minds and make them turn to your brand because they have been seeing the name and slogan for around for some time. That is the essence of an advertising slogan; I mean a catchy Advertising slogan.



Building a powerful advertising slogan helps your brand cut some slacks and give you a fair share of market value. Although, explaining your product with a long paragraph might project a clear picture of the brand to potential clients; but who wants to go through all the terms and conditions when signing up for an email, we all accept anyways; a professionally crafted advertising slogan can reduce boredom and register your brand in the mind of the consumers for a lifetime.

A catchy slogan can make potential clients willing to know more about your brand and all your products. As we know, the main purpose of an advertising slogan is Advertisement; so, you need to take note of these three factors when developing your advertising slogan; make it simple, easy to remember, and punchy. You would never know what it means to underestimate the power of a powerful advertising slogan until you develop one; your turnover would feel the surge.